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Based in Jhansi, Mansharam and his group perform various Bundeli folk songs like Raula, Bilwari, Ledh and Chetavani. Mansharam sings and even enacts the songs he performs alongside Sikandar, who dances. The group has been active for about 25 years and sings in events like birthdays, housewarmings, offices and many more.

Raula is a folk song that the Dheemar people sing, a community of fishermen. It is sung during fishing and describes the acts of throwing the net and their experience fishing in far-off waters. Bilwari is a holi song sung during the festive play. Ledh, based on Hindustani classical raag, describes how the female gaze is so powerful and capable of disrupting the meditation of the Gods. Chetavani is a song about the 5 kayas of the body according to Buddhist philosophy and how the soul transmigrates to a different body after death.

Outside of folk music, they also perform film-based music and songs on Babasaheb Ambedkar. They perform on special occasions related to the Dalit community, like Ambedkar Jayanti. Some group members have even recorded their songs and performed Bhajans and Kirtans.

Kishan Kumar is the eldest in the group who supported Mansharam in the initial stages of his career. The two shared the vision of starting their group and becoming well-known musicians in the region. Not restricting themselves to any genre, they set out to be known for their versatility across many genres.

She also knows how to play Harmonium and Table apart from Vocals and has performed in various locations within the country. She has pulled off brilliant performances at Ganga Mahotsav, Bhojpuri Sammelan, Netaji Indoor Stadium, and others and regard her music CD inauguration by the President of Mauritius in November 2009, as the most memorable experience.


Kishan Kumar


Vijay Rahi


Amit Kumar



Contact MANSHARAM at +91 8127197648