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Based in Mahoba, an important town of great historical importance in Bundelkhand, Laxmi Prasad and his group have been performing Bhajans, Kirtans, Sanskaar Geet and various Lok Geets in temples, festivals and other events. Laxmi Prasad himself has four daughters, all of whom are singers. The youngest of them all, Rajni, is only 19 years old, but she has already established herself as a well-known singer in the district. She accompanies her father and the rest of the group for performances. Laxmi Prasad also sings along with Rajni while also playing the harmonium, and their sawal-jawab and jugalbandi during the performances are a highlight of their performances.

Other group members also include Bihari Lal, who, at the age of 81, is one of the senior artists in the region. He is a versatile performer, able to sing and play various instruments, including Harmonium and Dholak. A former security guard, he now primarily earns through live music shows and shows no signs of fatigue despite his age. He believes music is a form of prayer, which Laxmi Prasad agrees with.

The group enjoys performing Sanskaar Geets in particular, composing tunes to existing poems and songs about various topics, like the importance of girl child, marriage, family and religion. So far, they have only performed within their district but soon aim to expand their horizons and travel across UP. Rajni, in particular, is very passionate about singing and wants to make it big as a singer someday. 


Pratap Narayan

Rajni Yadav

Bihari Lal

Jugal Kishor

Laxmi Prasad


Contact LAXMI PRASAD at +91 9473935795