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Kehra Ram is 62, and belongs to Sanpa village of Barmer, Rajasthan. He is from the Meghwal community. He started learning folk music since he was a very small child. Like everyone from his community he says that even a new born child in his community when it cries is in ‘Sur’ (Sur or Swaras are the 7 musical notes), that is how gifted they are. Kehra Ram could not complete his education because of financial instability in his family. In spite of everything, he was very keen to learn music and to take it up as a career. Since he could not study much he was not very well versed in the art of writing songs. But he learnt songs by reading books which were available to him and mostly from his family who too had the same passion for music.
He sings bhajans and plays tandoora. Kehra Ram belongs to the Meghwal caste, the people of this caste have been performing bhajans from the very beginning. Everyone in his family are fabulous musicians from generations. Although he or anyone in his family never got any formal learning, yet he has a very good and strong sense of music. For him, place, time, people or any other things never make any difference in his performance. His interest in music increased mostly because of his father and uncle, who inspired him to explore the avenues of religious folk music.

Kehra Ram and his group are very famous in Barmer, Rajasthan. They are a legend in their field when it comes to music. They present authentic Meghwal folk music in nearby villages and areas around Barmer. They never got a chance to perform outside Rajasthan but they wish to have the opportunity to perform outside of their villages. They want to showcase their talent across the world. The group has been performing bhajans for all occasions like the birth of a child, marriage, house warming or death. They have been performing bhajans wherever they are called. They add something to the occasion and make them more auspicious. They are called by different families in the villages and are highly respected by them. The artists are considered so blessed that no auspicious ceremony is celebrated without them being involved. The group sings bhajan about Meerabai and Kabir. They have all learnt these songs from their own community and family members and are known for their melodious singing with purity in rhythm. No one in their community takes formal schooling of music, even the raagas and Sur are something which they inherit from others in their family as God’s gift. This group’s members are mostly focussing on bhajans and making this their primary source of earning. They believe that if they continue to follow this path they shall meet the path of God sooner or later. The path which leads to bhajan is the path that is going to make them meet the Almighty God.


Kehra Ram

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Contact KEHRA RAM at +91 9461243475