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Shri Jwala Prasad and his group of instrumentalists are a small group but play a very crucial part in conserving the Braj folk. The group sings beautiful songs from Braj folk, and they hail from the village Dura near Fatepur Sikri. 

Jwala Prasad, 55, is the group leader and has managed the group for the past 15 years. He is the group leader and is quite a versatile musician who is on a B.High Grade – Flute Player (All India Radio, Agra), B.High Grade – Dholak Player (All India Radio, Agra), B.High Grade – Harmonium Player (All India Radio, Agra) and B.High Grade – Singer (All India Radio, Agra)

They are plenary instrumentalists and vocalists with a lost art form which they have combined with the popular religious traditions and the artistry required to express the emotions of the folk. Their intense knowledge of classical music helps with their performances and the improvisation of older folk melodies. They like to perform with the music played in various Ragas such as Desh, Kalyan, and Bhairavi and Taals like Kaharva, Dadra, and Deepchandi. They are very confident and consistent regarding their musical abilities and thoroughly enjoy their musical sessions. 

The group receives its inspiration from folk music and flute by Late. Ram Krishna Prasanna embraces music as their positive direction in life.


Dharmendra Singh


Suresh Chand


Rita Saikya

Santosh Devi

Jwala Prasad


Contact JWALA PRASAD at +91 9760838710