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Purbi Chhaprahiya is a folk genre from Eastern Uttar Pradesh and Bihar that has its origin in Chhapra district of Bihar. Chhapra borders with Ballia district of Uttar Pradesh and the folk form has hence gained popularity across Eastern Uttar Pradesh, particularly in the areas where Bhojpuri language is spoken. Chhaprahiya is easily identified by its high pitch singing, called Mahini in Bihar, and its energetic dancing performed by young boys who are famous for their flexible bodies. The songs are performed in weddings and other gatherings and are popular because they are so entertaining and vibrant.

Although Jittu Yadav primarily sings Birha, the folk genre that is associated with the Yadav caste, he also performs Purbi Chhaprahiya and other folk forms of Purvanchal. Chhaprahiya, in particular, requires a lot of energy and vocal range because of its high pitch singing. He has been managing his group since 1980 and has over thirty years of experience as a professional singer. They have performed in many places around the country, including Mumbai and Kolkata, and have performed in Kumbh Melas over the years. Following the Covid-19 pandemic, they have been receiving much fewer performances and shows but Jittu is hopeful that this is only temporary and the situation will improve soon. 






Jittu Yadav


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