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Jaswant hails from Patiala district of Punjab and belongs to ‘baazigar’ caste, which means he is associated with people who travelled from place to place and performed acrobatics. He has a Bachelor in Music and plays harmonium, table, dholak. It was Jaswant’s uncle from whom he drew his inspiration to follow his passion for music. He started learning music since he was a kid. He was probably eight years old when he sang for the first time in his classroom and since then he has worked very hard to refine his art. He believes that all the hard work he has done in the past has started paying off now. Jaswant is also a songwriter and mostly his songs are about the true facts of life.

Jaswant and his group love to make people dance on tunes of their songs. The group is very mature and the members think in such a way that helps them in curating the songs whenever they go on stage to perform. The group leader Jaswant directs the group and makes sure that people like the content they present during the performances. The group sings all kind of songs, whether it is for birth, marriage, romance, love, etc. Their mantra while performing is to remember to enjoy the songs themselves. They have showcased their performances at a various platform in Patiala and near regions. They want to make their songs popular amongst the youth, who according to them don’t like to listen to folk much.


Contact JASWANT at +91 7355650341