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The group symbolizes unity in strength. According to this enthusiastic and energetic group they are each other’s strength. They claim that their beloved God has given them all the strength to stay dedicated and devoted so that they can keep on going with their bhajans and music. They all are very laborious and believe in always thinking high and living low. They never got an opportunity to go perform outside Barmer but still they are famous in all of Barmer because of their sweet and soulful bhajans. Gulla Ram Group has five members in total in the group including him. There is Narpat Kumar who plays manjira, Bhura Ram who is a singer and can play most instruments and Rikhba Ram is also a singer with Bharat Ram.


Narpat Kumar

Bhuram Ram

Rikhba Ram

Bharat Kumar

Gulla Ram


Contact GULLA RAM at +919828641532