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Dan Singh is a 82 year old marvelous folk singer from Baldev Nagar in Barmer, Rajasthan. All his life he made sure that whatever he was doing, music was always the most important part. Music has always been consistent in his life, especially, bhajan in folk music. He being from a Rajput community, unlike other in his community, never left folk music. There are very few Rajputs in Rajasthan who are following the passion of music by living it. Dan Singh due to family pressure joined a job in the electrical department of an Organisation but the job also couldn’t keep him away from music. He always used to take out time for his bhajans. Whatever he knows today is being imbibed by him from his maternal uncle, who taught him everything about music. He has abundance of knowledge when it comes to raags, taal, etc. Dan Singh’s had no one in his family who are aware about musical knowledge. Today, Dan Singh sings all kinds of Bhajans, from Meera to Kabir, etc. and Dhungar Puri ji Maharaj being his favorite. Most amazing part is that he never learnt any of the bhajans by writing or memorizing them, yet he remembers them just by listening. He has been singing bhajan and playing Tandoora (Veena) since 50 years now. He has also taught his son these bhajans and Tandoora. The bhajans that he mostly sings are in heli, pyaari, sorath, dhamaal, etc. raagas.

Dan Singh and group has wonderful and extremely skilful group member ranging from the age of 82 to 17. The older artists in the group are responsible for the guiding and teaching the young and willing artists in the group. The group has artists like Dan Singh, Nar Singh Bakoliya, Kumbha Dara Singh and young artists like Jeevan Singh and Devi Singh who are learning from their group leader Dan Singh. The group when sings create a beautiful atmosphere leaving the audience spell bind during their performances. They sings songs which are original and authentic and have been passed on by generations in the past. They don’t have big dreams of going to Bollywood like other, but for them playing music is what matters most. They can never part from music and music is not just a section in their life rather it’s a way of living. The group performs at various occasions in nearby villages and sometimes in the city, they have never performed outside their village. The group earns their living from the live performances they give at various different places. It is just music through which these artists earn apart from that they have no source of earning. They are very passionate individuals but all they aim for is good life and abundance of bhajans in their life. They can go along with life with the knowledge of bhajans they possess. They know the bhajans in so much depth that they feel content and happy.


Kumba Ram

Devi Singh

Nar Singh Bakoliya


Dan Singh


Contact DAN SINGH at +91 8094894758