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This is an all women group who have been performing on all the occasions of their village and near by villages. The most amazing thing is that even though they are from the village they perform, their families are not very orthodox and let their wives, daughter in laws’, sisters, to go out and follow their passion. They are very happy as a group and for them as far as they have music in their lives they don’t need anything else. The entire performance leave everyone mesmerized whenever they perform. The group has wonderful versatile members for whom music is passion and they shall follow it to their grave. They all belong from a small village in Dharamshala. The group has been preforming since a long time together now. They all have been learning and following music from their childhood. They are extra ordinary artists who put in efforts at every performance like it is their last. They have performed almost everywhere in their region but together as a group they had never represented their tradition and culture on the national or  international platform. They all wish to travel the globe and spread the message that their beautiful heritage songs have to give. They are very happy as a group and for them as far as, they have music in their lives they don’t need anything else. They play a very important role in preservations of the art form.

Gaddi community has both lower and higher castes. They follow a very different culture and traditions making them different from the other communities. They have a beautiful culture of folk songs which is divided according to the occasions that occur in ones’ life. They are mostly found in the Indian states of Himachal Pradesh. They follow Hindu religion and belong to several castes like Brahmin, Rajput, Dhangar, Khatri, Rana and Thakur. They have preserved their traditional culture in the original form till date. Gaddi music can be divided into various categories like marriage songs, festivity songs, love songs, historical songs, and religious songs. While singing these songs they dress up in their traditional costume which is quite unique. 


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