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Chauthe Khan is a Manganiyar musician from the Bodhar tribe. The tribe hails from Ugwa village located in Jaisalmer district. Currently, in his late twenties, Chauthe has already gained almost two decades of experience in learning music. He began to learn as an 8-year-old from his guru Mange Khan.
Chauthe Khan focuses his abilities to create and perform traditional Rajasthani folk songs which are sung on most auspicious occasions in the royal families as well as various festivals that are celebrated in the state on a seasonal basis. Most of the music is accompanied by their traditional dances. He has also developed a keen sense of knowledge and an open attitude towards learning the classical compositions of the country. Most of the classical compositions he likes to perform are based on Mada and Kalyan raga which he prefers because they are mostly played during the evening time.
Their knowledge in the field of classical music also makes helps with their performances and improvisation of older folk melodies. They like to perform music played in various ragas and talas but they are most fond of playing the Mada and Kalyan ragas as these ragas are played during the evening which, according to them is the best time of the day.
Despite all their struggles, this group understands the importance of the development of their musical talents on their families and community and want to depict their craft in its truest forms to all their audiences, the one’s that watch them during their visits to various cities as well the tourists that come to experience the culture of the Manganiyars.


Salim Khan

Lateef Khan

Balla Khan

Chauthe Khan


Contact CHAUTHE KHAN at +91 9660376445