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The Kol Adivasi tribal community, which is believed to be one of the oldest tribal populations in the country, trace their history to the times of the Ramayana. But Bai and her group are all Kol Adivasis, and they specialise in singing the songs of their tribe, like Balma, Kolhai, and Sajnai, among others. Balma is a playful banter between the wife and husband traditionally sung on the wedding day. Kolai and Sajnai are baraat-themed songs sung all night before the groom’s arrival. The songs are written in the language of the tribe around the Chitrakoot region and have a nice ring.

Kol Adivasis are called Chitrakoot Vaasis and find special mention in the Ramayana. Hence, most of their songs allude to anecdotes from the Ramayana and are devoted to Lord Ram and Goddess Sita. The songs also preserve the history of the Kol Adivasis and how they lived in abject poverty and braved the winters despite not having any clothes.


Shyama Devi


Shiv Adhar

Kaushal Kishor

Ram Kishor

Buti Bai


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