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Banshailang Mukhim is a multi-talented instrumentalist hailing from the beautiful land of Khasi. With expertise in playing instruments such as Duitara, ksing shynrang, ka bom, tangmuri, guitar, and keyboard, Banshailang’s musical prowess extends to composition, arrangement, production, and teaching. As a full-time musician and dedicated music teacher, he is committed to preserving and promoting folk music and instrumental art forms. Alongside being a skilled performer, Banshailang is a youth leader in his locality, actively involved in initiatives for the welfare of the environment, social development, and moral values. Under the banner of “Seng samla,” he tirelessly works towards the betterment of society. Growing up in a musical household with a mother who is a teacher and songwriter in Khasi, Banshailang’s passion for music has been nurtured since childhood. With a master’s degree and master’s in music specializing in folk music, his expertise lies predominantly in Khasi compositions while also showcasing his versatility in acoustic western performances. With over 14-15 years of professional experience, Banshailang’s dedication to his craft knows no bounds. Even in his early days, he ingeniously utilized household tools to create music. His talent and unique approach have garnered recognition across the state. While Banshailang operates from a home-based demo studio, his long-term vision revolves around strengthening his institution, Shlem, by teaching folk music and elevating the standards of music arrangement. His ultimate goal is to revive folk music, not only in terms of melody but also in dance and cultural expression. As a true mentor, Banshailang aims to share his knowledge, empower others to surpass his achievements, and spread the rich heritage of Khasi culture and music far and wide. Since its establishment in 2016, Shlem has become a hub for aspiring musicians, nurturing and shaping the talents of 30-40 students under Banshailang’s dedicated guidance.


Khatarbor Mukhim

Franky Mylliemngap

Marvelyne Kshair

Bagiostin Paul Kharumnuid


Contact BANSHAILANG MUKHIM at +91 8415885078