Kootal Khan comes from pasht devda village of Fatehgarh Tehsil in district jaisalmer. In Ghafoor khan’s group, he sings and sometimes plays Harmonium as well. This 47 year old folk Musician got music as a heritage from his forefathers. He primarily learnt the basic technicalities from his father and found inspiration in him. He started learning singing & playing Musical Instruments at the mere age of 7 years, and soon left school to perform at various family events in their village, where he used to be a part of group.

He along with his group were one of the very first musicians identified by Kamal Kothari, and were given an opportunity to perform in abroad. After that, it became a routine affair for them to perform in abroad. He along with his group have collaborated with various foreign artists and tried fusion with them, which enriched their experience. But he still remains a very humble & modest musician and admits that he still needs to learn a lot. He says that learning is a never ending process. He along with Ghafoor Khan are certified ‘A’ Grade musician from All India Radio since the last 15 years. He says that their folk music is very similar to Classical Music. Their traditional songs are called ‘Jangra’ which are basically songs on 7 or 14 beats just like Hindutani & Carnatic Music

For Kootal Khan, Music is Love of his life. He describes learning music as an endless and very interesting journey. He believes in working hard and wants to spend rest of his life singing and learning music. He teaches music to his grandson after getting back to home. His wish is that this legacy of singing shall be taken forward by his son & grandson.

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