Dilaawar Khan comes from Kotra village in Shiv Tehsil of Barmer District. This 30 years old khartaal player is also a backing vocalist n his group. He is the Disciple of Ustaad Ghafoor khan, who is his maternal uncle. He has been a performer since the last 8 years. Apart from performing is this group, he has also formed his own group with the name Dilaawar Khan & group, where he is the frontman. & also teaches music to his group members. The size of his group ranges from 4-25 folk musicians, as per the demand.

Coming from a family having rich background in music, Dilaawar Khan described that he learned from his family members only and never had to go outside to learn music. He does riyaaz for 6 hours daily & has already started training his children in singing. He generally performs the songs written by their forefathers. He himself has written a few songs along with his Uncle. The songs generally describe the event of birth of prince, their Marriages and other family events. He is well versed performer of Sufi Music. Apart from performing traditional Rajasthani songs, they also perform Bollywood songs, but only on request.

He has travelled to various countries like U.S.A., Russia, U.K., Japan, Turkey, Egypt, etc. For three years, he was a part of Gypsy all Stars group, where they were making Fusion Music & performed all around the globe. He has worked with various artists from Classical music & classical dance (kathak) background too. He claims that he can perform with artists of different genres and is very comfortable to play & sing along with them. He can understand English as he has been to various countries now. His dream is to work with more artists of various different backgrounds, be it musicians or dancers.

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