He is a 46 year old man and belongs to the Meghwal caste. It has been 40 years since he got into folk music. He plays dholak in the group as well as veena and manjira. His father was a major source of inspiration and acted as a catalyst in his choice to pursue folk music as a career. His father used to take him to the temples and make him listen to all the folk artists worshiping God and that is how he developed an interest. He is a man with experience and wisdom, and is teaching the younger generation. At present he teaches around 20 kids in his village. Asandas is a married man with 8 kids, the elder one being 17 year old and the youngest one being 3 year old, all of them are in school. He earns a bit from music and is dependent mainly on farming. He has performed in most of the major cities of Rajasthan (i.e Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Bikaner etc.) Most of the shows he and his group get are through word of mouth and recommendations from contacts. He dreams of travelling the world and visiting new countries where he can perform and showcase his art.

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