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Himachal Ekta Manch Group

By February 6, 2020February 10th, 2020Himachal Pradesh

People often talk about the simplicity and groundedness of people from the mountains. Deep Lal and his group members have exactly matched that profile. He with such profounded invited us to his village and arranged for our locations that are beyond words beautiful. With the Beas river flowing next to The Nirvana property, we started putting our setup. It was pouring heavily that day, in the midst of this non-season rain we asked the group to settle down at a place. Deep Lal, proudly calls himself Harijan (people of God), he happily states that with the music he feels closer to him. Deep being a musician himself always understands the need to push other musicians that he knows along with him. For him, that is the only way to uplift the society and that is the least one could do on humanitarian grounds.

Deep Lal, 33, has written and composed over 300 songs till now. He has been associated with with activities and events related to music ever since he was in school. With pride, he showed pictures of his accolades and medals which we won in the competitions from his school as well as national levels. He fondly recollects the memories when he was a small boy, he had to go to school early in the morning and dedicate the evenings for farm works. Deep is a versatile personality who excels in music, acting, dancing, etc. He completed his Master’s degree in music from Shimla University in 2007 and started a business for tents, DJ equipment, and filmmaking in the year 2009. Deep is very religious too and therefore most of his songs are about the gods as well as the daily quirks of life.

Deep and his group are well versed with the traditional Kulvi Nati, folk dance of Himachal Pradesh. The group has performed at so many platforms at international levels. The group’s most favourite performance of theirs was when Karan Singh, the brother of Raja Maheshwar Singh invited them for celebrations at his home. 

When Deep Lal was in college he got deeply inspired by Mr S D Kashyap, who is a very well known folk performer in Himachal Pradesh. The groups want to make way to the Bollywood industry and promote Himachali culture and traditions through them across the globe. 

Deep Lal ji has Sukhram and Kiran Joshi in his group who equally support him in his motives to uplift good music and musicians. Sukhram has a beautiful voice, which inspires so many other people to stick to their roots. Sukhram at one end has been blessed with one of the most melodious voices we have come across in Himachal while on the other hand, he has lost 75% of his eyesight due to a medical condition. But Sukhram is unstoppable. He has recently completed a professional course in music from “Sutradhar Kala Sangam” and recorded an album called “Bashkoli Dhamaka” with the assistance of Deep Lal. He has truly dedicated his life to refining his art and giving his service in the society in whichever way possible. Despite all the struggles, he has managed to stay passionate about music and aims to get better at it every day.

Deep Lal knows Kiran from his childhood times. He is still very young and has recently enrolled in a Bachelor’s degree. He has been into singing ever since he was 11 years old. He knows he is talented and thus feels motivated to go ahead with music in life. He has a very deep interest in writing new songs reciting the issues in society and wishes to make a difference with his music along with his group. 

Telling about their music and interest, they started with their 1st songs:


The instruments that Deep Lal and his group have been very interesting as they are being used every day in our life. For instruments, they use a Copperplate filled with some rice and a stick, Dholak, anklets, etc

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