It is a folk fusion project inspired by the folk tradition of the northern and central Uttar Pradesh. Chaiti originally was a semi classical folk song, sung in the month of Chait (springtime) in form of storytelling to talk about the spring and its flavors in our life. Indian society saw a rapid phase of industrialisation and urbanisation. This change led to a huge impact on cultural context of the place. We decided to bring the story of this folk to the mass by redesigning it for the present generation.


Machali is a famous tigress of Ranthambhore National Reserve of Rajasthan, India which is quoted as ‘The Queen of Tigers’ by BBC International. She was named fish due a fish-shaped mark that has been seen on her face. The region is also known for its unique Tiger Folks sung in the praise of Tigers of Ranthambhore. Machali is a musical project designed by Anahad to bring forward the unheard tales of bravery of Machali in a contemporary way with the soul and flavour of the original rajasthani folk.