1 – Identifying the issue

It involves recognising the core areas where music is at threat due to environmental, social and economical factors, as well as, identifying the issues which can be healed by music.

2 – Creating a project

Collaborating with fellow musicians, curators, writers and thinkers to project the issue and impact the society in a melodic way.

3 – Making the impact

Reaching the target audience and affected zones by partnering with fellow organisations and impacting them musical, lyrical and visual power of the project.



It is a folk fusion project inspired by the folk tradition of the northern and central Uttar Pradesh. Chaiti originally was a semi classical folk song, sung in the month of Chait (springtime) in form of storytelling to talk about the spring and its flavors in our life. Indian society saw a rapid phase of industrialisation and urbanisation. This change led to a huge impact on cultural context of the place. We decided to bring the story of this folk to the mass by redesigning it for the present generation.


Machali is a famous tigress of Ranthambhore National Reserve of Rajasthan, India which is quoted as ‘The Queen of Tigers’ by BBC International. She was named fish due a fish-shaped mark that has been seen on her face. The region is also known for its unique Tiger Folks sung in the praise of Tigers of Ranthambhore. Machali is a musical project designed by Anahad to bring forward the unheard tales of bravery of Machali in a contemporary way with the soul and flavour of the original rajasthani folk.