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By November 28, 2018 Rajasthan

Musical Affairs Amidst Land of Desert


Maad dhara ri revodo anokhi -2

Our land and its people are unique

Madhvan meetha ji bole

People who live here speak such sweet language 

ghar ghar hove beeyan badavana

Every house has weddings

Ghar ghar ghoomar dhol

Then each house has traditional dances and plays dhol

Ravoni ajokhi raatiya re

Stay for a night today

 Pucho dhano manderi baat

Ask me about my feelings


Rafeek Khan and group is a wonderful group of musicians who have been performing since they were small children. Most of the songs they sing are deep-rooted in Rajasthani traditions. Hailing from the famous Langa community of Rajasthan, Rafeek Khan, 23, has been learning and practising music since he was 10 years old. Like all musical families, music runs in his family. He has performed all over India but is yet to perform on an International platform. His music comprises of a wide range of themes. He is an expert in Rajasthani folk, Sufi and Ghazal forms of singing. The Sufi genre is his favourite owing to the sheer, poetic words of Urdu language. His ambition is to further his musical career abroad and to become an accomplished artist.


As a group they want to impart musical knowledge to their children but only after they are educated well. They get 10-12 shows per month and earns around Rs.6000 for each show. They are not very educated and so got into music because of financial reasons.


Just like all the families in their communities, music is been carried forward by mostly male members and it is the only source of income in his family. The group feels that are born to do something big and for them it is the songs which they know they want to do good to them. They want the world to hear their music and know about their culture and traditions. Moreover, they also want their music to be so much heard that people including their children feel inclined towards learning it. Telling us this Rafeek and his group started singing one of their favourite songs –


Saajan aaya re he sakhi

Oh, my friend, my dear husband has come

 Kaaye manwar karan 

How should I welcome him, he has come after so many days

 Areey thaal bharo gaj motiyaan upar nain dhara

I will fill the plate with pearls and shall keep him high

 O maara bhai sonera

O my dear brother

 Maara nindiya lada

O my dear beloved brother

 Laajo maaro gale riyo haar

Bring my necklace

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