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By November 28, 2018 Rajasthan

Tales of a Song Giver


Langhas are tribal people of Rajasthan who are mostly found in the Jodhpur, Phaludi, Udaipur region. Ayub Khan and group are from Langha community and hailing from the land of song givers, they are extraordinary performers. The group sings songs about love, romance, wedding, God, and many others. We had set up a location for them in a haveli which itself was quite extraordinary and the performance of the artists their added to its glory.


Langas are versatile players of the Sindhi Sarangi and the Algoza (double flute), which accompany and echo their formidable and magical voices. They perform at events like births, and weddings, exclusively for their patrons (Yajman), who are cattle breeders, farmers, and landowners. The Langa musicians are regarded by their patrons as ‘kings’. “The ‘Sindhi Sarangi’ used by the Langas, is made up of four main wires, with more than twenty vibrating sympathetic strings which help to create its distinctive haunting tones. The bowing of these instruments is a skilful exercise, often supported by the sound of the ‘ghungroos’ or ankle bells that are tied to the bow to make the beat more prominent.*


During peak seasons, the group manages to secure 8-10 shows earning Rs. 7000-8000 per performance. They have performed in all major cities across India and dreams of being a renowned musician with a large band and having throngs of people attend his performances. They sing traditional songs from their community but do not write their own songs. They sing songs that fall in the Khamai, Maru, Kilad  and Des Raag family. The group wishes to be able to sing the songs forever, money doesn’t matter to them. Stating this he started in his own way the song:


Charkho Chandan kaathro

The spin yard is made out of Sandal

Puni lal gulal

The threads in it are of different colours

Katwari kaatan baithi kaatyo ant na paar

And made a beautiful shawl with those threads

Ho bhala re jio bhala re

May God bless you with a long life

Bhue charkha bhu

Praise the spin yarn

Maare ghar ro maalik tu

You are the master of my house

Maare nathni ro moti tu

You are the pearl of my nose pin

Bhala bhu re charkha bhu

Bless you oh my spin yarn

Charkho maaro rang rangeelo

My spin yard is full of colours


They receive show bookings from local contacts who forward them with opportunities that they know of in India and abroad. The group dreams of being able to work to have their group perform across all cities and towns in India and expand their footprint.



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