Gulla Ram is a 60 year- old man but still a young artist at heart, who performs his best with zeal and passion. He is from the Meghwal community who has been reciting bhajans for many generations. He lives in the small village of Bishala in the Barmer district of Rajasthan. Gulla Ram has a huge family, which consists of his old mother, his father, his brothers, and their family. He makes a living through doing petty jobs like labor work at the off-season time. But he believes everything he has got is because of his God’s love and endurance for him. Gulla Ram has learnt everything he knows from his father and grandfathers. He knows almost 1000+ bhajans like the back of his hand. He feels that bhajans are a source of energy for him; if he does not recite bhajans, his day will never go well. His day starts with bhajans and ends with them too. Apart from reciting bhajans, he teaches them to his grandchildren as well. He very strongly believes that if we do not teach our children bhajans they will not be able to understand the power of the Almighty. If one wishes to make any changes in the society and in the present situation then he/ she shall have to teach their children good habits, and bhajans have the power to do so. Gulla Ram believes in ‘Satsanga’ and bhajans endlessly. He remembers that he was 4 years old when he started reciting bhajans with his family’s bhajan group.

The group symbolizes unity in strength. According to this enthusiastic and energetic group they are each other’s strength. They claim that their beloved God has given them all the strength to stay dedicated and devoted so that they can keep on going with their bhajans and music. They all are very laborious and believe in always thinking high and living low. They never got an opportunity to go perform outside Barmer but still they are famous in all of Barmer because of their sweet and soulful bhajans. Gulla Ram Group has five members in total in the group including him. There is Narpat Kumar who plays manjira, Bhura Ram who is a singer and can play most instruments and Rikhba Ram is also a singer with Bharat Ram.


Bharat Kumar

July 30, 2018

Rikhba Ram

July 30, 2018

Bhuram Ram

July 30, 2018

Narpat Kumar

July 30, 2018




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