Shaukat Ali

Rangirang Sufi
City Jaisalmer Rajasthan Cell Phone: 9950971211 Website:


Photo of Shaukat Ali

Shaukat Khan plays Khartal in the group. He started learning Khartal when he was 12 years old from his uncle Samandar Khan was his Ustad (teacher). He has always been dedicated towards his music and passion for it grows with every day. Since he was child, he travelled with his father for almost all his shows and from there his will to learn evolved. Therefore, from that moment till today he has contributed all of his time to music. For him his seven generations have been not only associated with music but has also been exceptionally good in it. When it comes to play and perform his favourite genres are Sufi and Bollywood. Shaukat firmly believes that their music should improvise with every generation and highlight this kind of music in the whole world. He wishes to walk on the footsteps of his father, Sawan Khan so that he could entertain the world by his music throughout his life.