Ramesh Bhat

Rajasthan Melody
City Jaisalmer Rajasthan Cell Phone: 7023685329 Website: https://rajasthanmelody.com


Photo of Ramesh Bhat

Ramesh plays khartal, dholak and even sings. His interest rises from his mother while she used to play dholak. Apart from all of above he is also a puppeteer and have been displaying his skill since 30 years. He is an exceptionally amazing puppet creator. He makes a living by selling puppets. He has visited several countries like Spain, Lahore, Pakistan and all over India to display his talent. He sings and play with his puppets to demonstrate stories of Amar Singh Rathore, Raja Bhoj, Prithviraj Chouhan, etc. He also focusses on teaching the next generation everything that he knows. He is a strong believer of conveying stories through music and puppetries.