Nar Singh Bakoliya

Dana Singh & Group
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Photo of Nar Singh Bakoliya

Nar Singh is one of the oldest students of Dana Singh and today he performs next to him as a fellow group member. He belongs to a musical family background. His father and grandfather both were musicians and that’s where he developed an interest in music. He plays Dholak and Harmonium and did sangeet Bhushan and sangeet vishaad in Vocals. Nar Singh is a family guy who has been married for 20 years and has got 4 children.
On an average, he does around 10 – 15 shows per month depending upon the time of the year or seasonal events. Most of the shows performed by him and his group to date are in the regions of Rajasthan only. Earlier it was quite difficult for him to manage his family finances with music as the only source of income but now times have changed after his association with Dana Singh. He earns around 500 – 1000 rs per show domestically within the regions of Rajasthan. He had performed Harmonium at Natak Prabhat for 4 years and has also performed shows in Pakistan. Dana Singh is a very optimistic person and believes in the power of music. He sees other fellow musicians as colours of a musical pallet trying to create something remarkable. Music triggers his soul and provides him sanity at the same time.