Hari Ram Bhopa

Rajasthan Melody
City Jaisalmer Rajasthan Cell Phone: 9660535278 Website: https://rajasthanmelody.com


Photo of Hari Ram Bhopa

Hari Ram Bhopa belong from Bhopa caste. His ancestors used to do paint and play an instrument called Ravanhatta. Hari Ram not only plays but also make and teach Ravanhatta. He has learnt this art of playing this instrument from his ancestors. Since his childhood he wanted to be a performer and lead way with the existing tradition of music. He shifted to Jaisalmer to promote traditional music and instrument. Currently he earns his living from Ravanhatta. In present day it’s only the Bhopa caste that makes this instrument. He has performed in major cities all over India. He has given music of his Ravanhatta in Bollywood movie “Tell me Oh Khuda” also. Ravanhatta has gave him high recognition in the society which considered his caste as a lower caste. Many tourists come to Jaisalmer just to learn and buy Ravanhatta from him and that is the source of income for him. He sits by the lake and sells the Ravanhatta, hand made by him. Just like his nature his music is also innocent and simple in nature. He plays such mesmerizing music with the Ravanhatta that allures tourist from all over the world.