Akhamdan Charan

Shridhar & Group
City Barmer Rajasthan Cell Phone: 9587036535 Website: https://shridharfolkgroup.com


Photo of Akhamdan Charan

Akham belongs to the Charan caste. He plays harmonium and veena in the group. His father has been the sole reason for his inclination towards folk music. It has been 7 years since he became associated with Sridhar and group. Most of the shows he does are local and in the nearby villages of Barmer city. He is a married man and has got 3 kids. As a good father, he has always tried his best to provide them with good education and freedom to choose the kind of life they wish to live. He wants them to pursue their education and also explore music. He believes he has seen a certain decline in the interest of artists towards folk music because of the lack of appreciation from the world.

Akham works at the JSW water treatment plant to support the finances of his family. He has completed his school education and wishes to study further. Most of the shows he gets are on a recommendation basis. His interest and passion towards music allow him to create a balance between his professional and personal life.