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Armaan Ali is a young musician from Lachkani village of Patiala district in Punjab. He is the grandson of Desraj Ji and is a brilliant folk artist who masters in playing Dhad, Sarangi, Algoze, Tumbi, Dhola and Bugdu as well. He learnt this rich art form from his great-grandfather, who was also a folk musician. He is deeply inspired by his elder brother, Iqbal Khan, who is an also a folk artist. Iqbaal Ji trains children in folk music- both singing and instruments- so that the rich and vibrant traditional heritage of Punjab remains alive. Armaan Ji loves playing the folk instruments, as he feels a sense of connection with them. Music is his passion. He works hard, day and night, to excel in this art form, and inspire the younger generation to stay connected to their roots through music. He earns his bread through musical performances only. Armaan Ji feels that by bringing together contemporary musicians with the folk artists and creating fusion music occasionally, the younger generation would identify and appreciate their music. He was extremely glad at the thought of his own website and had bigger dreams about the same.