Arashdeep Singh Sagoo

Rangle Sardar
City Patiala Punjab Cell Phone: 7837275741 Website:


Photo of Arashdeep Singh Sagoo

Arshdeep Singh is a young folk musician in his twenties, from Moga district in Punjab. He sings, and plays Bhugchu, and Tumba. He leads his group of four, which is known as ‘Rang Le Sardaar. His close friends call him ‘Arsh Riyaz’. His interest in folk music was triggered when he was in school, as most of his friends were into the native folk music. He was around 10 years old when he started singing. Initially, he was fond of the folk dance, and desperately wanted to be a part of the Bhangra team in school time. He was in 8th standard when he almost withdrew his name from school, because his school staff was not permitting him to perform with the Bhangra group. In later years, he got selected in Kavisri singing competition, and brought laurels to his institution. He learnt singing folk from professor Major Singh. He finds himself devoted to folk music, and wants to represent the rich cultural tradition of Punjab through his music. People deeply appreciate his music as the lyrics leave a social message as well. He feels that he still has a long way to go when it comes to folk singing, and he is learning further from his Guruji, Baba Jora Singh Ji in Dharamkot.