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Photo of Ameen Khan

Ameen Khan is a 21 year old all-round musician from Barmer. Primarily, he plays dholak in the group. Apart from that he can also play Harmonium and Khartal and is well versed with most of the folk music instruments. He has learned from his brother Khete Khan and has been into music from almost 12 years. He is a permanent member of this group, and also performs with other groups as well. He belongs to Sunta Gharana, which gave him exposure to music early on in his life, and has been focussing on only music after he left school in 7th standard. He listens to Ghulam Ali’s songs and follows his style very closely. Besides that, Nusrat fateh Ali khan also inspires him. He is well versed in performing sufi and Qawwali songs. His favourite raga is Raga Maand.
Ameen khan is very passionate when it comes to music, and dedicatedly follows a strict routine. He wakes up early in the morning and does Riyaaz for 4 hours from 5-9 am. Then in the evening, he trains young Mirasi musicians at Mahindra Gunsar Lok Sangeet Sansthan, a Music School run by Bax Khan. There he teaches around 25 students, and has been teaching there from quite some time now. His students are already prospering and are performing with established group of folk musicians. He has a dream to perform in foreign countries as well, and bring exposure for his students in the music school.