Asrar Ahmed

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Photo of Asrar Ahmed

Asrar Ahmad is a middle-aged Qawalli musician from Maler Kotla, near Patiala, in Punjab. He belongs to the Rehmat Qawwaal Gharana. Inspired by his father, who was also a Qawwaali musician, Asrar Ahmed started his training as a Qawwal musician when he was as young as 15. He has known Anwar Ali Ji for the past 30 years and has been playing with him professionally for shows too. The two often sit at home during leisure time, and jam together for a melodious Qawwali ‘Sama’. Asrar Ahmed Ji’s grandfather was also a Qawwaali musician, and he has played a significant role in carving Asrar Ji’s talent into the sculpture of a competent Qawwaali musician. Asrar Ji’s elder brother also used to learn along with him from the father and grandfather. They both used to sit together and sing various ‘Kalaams’ of ‘Bulle Shah’ and many more.