Ahmed Khan

Gullu Khan & Group
City Jaisalmer Rajasthan Cell Phone: 9680512644 Website: https://gullukhan.com


Photo of Ahmed Khan

Ahmed Khan, 28 is passionate about reflecting the culture and heritage of Jaisalmer in his music, and is less fond of popular songs. Ahmed Khan uses all the traditional raagas like Malahar, Jog, Bhairavi etc. and Jog is his favorite raga, since he says that it brings an entirely different dimension to a song. Like all families, music runs in his family and he has been learning music since he was 8 years old. His elder brother Thanu Khan is his Ustad and Guru. Ahmed has performed all over in India and has also performed internationally in Bangkok. Ahmed wants his group to be famous, and also wants a musical group by his name. He was accompanied by Chugge Khan during his Thailand trip.