Adil Khan

Nazar Pander
City Patiala Punjab Cell Phone: 8872590296 Website:


Photo of Adil Khan

Adil Khan developed a taste for folk music from a very young age. He is merely 19 years and has been singing as well as playing folk instruments, for 5 years now. He plays the sarangi and enjoys folk music to the fullest. He learnt to play the Sarangi from his Guruji from Vijay Yamla, who is the grandson of Lal Chand Yamla Jatt. He says that Sarangi fills his life with melody and bliss, and besides being his passion, playing the instrument also acts as an escape in difficult times. He has just cleared his board exams and is willing to apply for Indian music courses in reputed colleges. He loves to experiment with his music, and come up with folk songs embedded in a different tune or style. He has always been inspired by his elders to carry forward the heritage of folk music and staying connected to the roots. Understanding the significance of folk music is a remarkable thing for a boy his age.