Anahad Foundation is a music organisation which works for the recognition, preservation and evolution of cultural, classical and folk music of India for the contemporary mass.

The company is a social enterprise and was registered as a ‘Not for Profit’ organisation in 2013, under Section 8 of Companies Act, 2013, India. The primary motive of the organisation is to create platforms for folk musicians of the country, as well as address to social and environmental and other problems in todays society, through music.


The organisation with its mission statement,

“To revive, research and innovate music as a driver of change to rejuvenate the society”,

functions as a record label producing unheard cultural folks which can bring a positive impact on the society.


The entire approach of the organization is not to produce music for the market demand but to produce a more authentic content that has a message for the society. The main vision of the organization is,

“To create a world where music inspires change”.


The organization was founded with the mantra,

“Inspiring change through music”

and help fellow generation to get the flavour of the culture that they are missing.


Abhinav Agrawal

Executive Director, Founder

Satyam Sangwan


Shuchi Roy